Air circulation from a ceiling mounted rotary fan provides a welcome cool gentle breeze during the hot Spanish summers, and offers a very simple approach to energy saving rather than running air conditioning units. Generally, ceiling fan are supplied by the customer, however we can supply if required, and fit them where instructed. They are extremely heavy so special fixings are essential when mounting the unit to allow for safe operation. Ceiling fans are available with 3 speeds, along with optional light fitting attachments and remote control facility.

In Spain, people are becoming increasingly aware of the problems of damp and indoor pollution. Damage caused by condensation affects several million Spanish homes alone.
This can cause paintwork and wall finishes to deteriorate, and encourages mould, stains and rotting. So people are faced with the expensive cost of redecorating. Unfortunately Spanish buildings are not designed to encourage natural ventilation, so proper additional planning is essential to remove steam and smells at source before they are able to migrate causing damage to colder parts of dwellings. We can supply a range of low energy ventilation units together with humidity controllers specifically designed for kitchens and bathrooms to maintain a totally automatic, condensation controlled environment. Sparkinspain Services install ceiling fans and ventilation units in accordance with the Building Regulations requiring the correct ventilation rates on new dwellings.