Consumer Units & RCCD Trips

Whatever your requirement, we can upgrade your Consumer Unit to conform to the latest Spanish Electrical Regulations (REBT). For old installations and property renovations with a limited 3.3 KW tariff, we can replace the existing Consumer Unit with a modern, more suitable, wall-mounted cabinet, as well as the internal fittings, to meet the exact requirements of the installation needed to avoid overloading and tripping out problems. For new and recently built properties on the standard domestic 5.5 KW tariff that have specific requirements, we can wire additional circuits for air conditioning units, jacuzzi's, swimming pools, central heating and extra utilities. Sparkinspain offer electrical safety test and inspection of your Consumer Unit & installation priced on size of installation.

Trip Switches (RCD)

Trip Switches (RCD) When water gets in your electrics or damp creeps in to your wiring, it's the RCD that trips. This device is super sensitive and trips out immediately a fault occurs in your installation, otherwise it quietly sits in your Consumer Unit doing nothing, happy in knowledge that its one role in life is to protect its owner from electric shocks.
The RCD is a mechanical switching device used to open a circuit automatically instantaneously in the event of an earth fault between phase and earth, and/or neutral and earth (eg an insulation fault). The device switches off the electric current within 0.2 seconds.
In Spain, all electrical installations must be protected at the point of supply with an RCD. It protects all the circuits and appliances in your home from 'leaking' electricity and prevent electric shock. The slightest leak and the device trips out. The RCD is labeled Interruptor Diferencial and easily identifiable because it is fitted with a small test button. Use this test button to ensure the RCD is functioning correctly. When pushing it, the main supply should automatically disconnect. Flick the switch back up to restore the power. If nothing happened and the power stayed on, then the RCD is faulty and should be replaced immediately.
This test button only confirms that the mechanism is not jammed ,it does not insure that the tripping time is effective.The device should be regularly tested, once a month, especially in old installations. Remember the RCD is there to protect you. Sparkinspain  recommend that you use a qualified Electrician to fully test the tripping time of your RCDs between 1-5 years and every change over of long term occupants.